250ml Bottle with Refilled Bag

250ml Transparent Spout Refilled Pouch in plastic stand bottle with pump cap.

They are leakage proof and rupture resistance.
The packages can be used to pack both hand sanitizer gel and solids.

The inner diameter of spout is 22mm.
Refilled spout stand up pouch with screw cap and pump cap.

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5L Spouted Stand up Refilled Bag

Custom printing spout pouches for a 5000ml beverage 

with handles are famous in packaging coffee and tea or Hand sanitizier gel/liquid;

you also can stick PVC waterproof sticker in bag when low quantities.

The tight spout seal is a good barrier and preserves flavor, fragrance, and beverage freshness.

They are less susceptible to leakages due to heat sealing done on the laminated film edges.

Lastly, ergonomic handles are fitted on these bags to ensure they are easy to carry.

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150ml Oil Doypack Bag 
150ml bag with 8.6mm spout cap .

Aluminum Foil Shaped Stand up spout pouches with customized sizes are made using quality

and durable aluminum foil together with other films which are laminated together.

Customers vaunt these pouches for their ability to preserve taste, aroma, and freshness of the packaged product.


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50g Chocolate Spouted Bag With Baby Cap

Customized printing spout pouches for chocolate or gel or baby paste
with 8.6mm spouts and aniti-choke baby cap.
offer a perfect and flexible replacement to bottles and jars.
These pouch bags are also custom printed to improve product visibility and outstanding nature.
What’s more, the Big spout cap adds to the standing out feature not to forget standing ability.
Lastly, these are bags that provide high barrier protection to the packaged product. 
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45ml Lotion Doypack 

Glossy clear stand-up cosmetic pouch with customized 8.2mm spout color

45 ml are made of materials which are clear and shiny, making them aesthetically beautiful.

Small sachet with packed cosmetic is easily taking .

The spout  can be customized in different colors, sizes, and caps types and materials.

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Laser Spouted Stand up Bag

The laser spout pouch for 250ml beverage are made from shiny laminated films option.

The structure is multi-layered to safeguard the content within the packet.

You can use the bag to carry coffee, tea, baby food, and chemicals.

The unique feature about this package is that it’s shiny and laser and attract attention .

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Breast Milk Storage Bag 

This Storage pouch with scale line made using laminated film BPA materials

which are suitable and convenient for Mother .

Secondly, a spout is heat sealed on the pouch,

which ensures easy filling or emptying of the liquid content by hand.

Customers love this stand up pouches because they are flexible and can stand erect on any surface.

These pouches are convenient for liquid packaging such as juices, beverages, oil, and cleaning agents.

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Dispenser Bag with Wine Cap

Customized wine handle pouches with spout 1-20L areheavy duty pouch bags used to package wine or beer.

Although these bags are big; they strong and stable thus able to carry a large volume of

wine or beer without tipping over or bursting.

It comes with a spout also known as fitment or Big tap,

which is designed with double protection in case of leakage.

You can easily drink your wine from the spout.

Lastly, they are made of laminated films to ensure your wine freshness for a long time on the shelf.

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 Collapsible Spout Pouch with Carabiner

BPA free pouches are safe to put production for human consumption at the peak,

owing to the fact BPA can impinge on your health. The collapsible pouch is flexible

and lightweight hence allowing you to flatten or fold it when empty. However,

when filled, the bag expands again, thus regaining its attractive shape.

The pouch comes with a carabineer for attaching to a belt loop,

backpack or purse, thus improving its carrying ability when travelling,doing sport,

hiking, going camping and many more.

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250ml Shaped Spout Up Bag with Nozzle

Shaped white printing spout pouch with screwed assembly cap together ,

and you will fill  juice drinking from filling mouth which in the top of bag by sealing machine manually. 

Bag is made of different laminated films such as Laser PET, AL, MPET, PE, among others.

Also, product information such as logos, user guide, branding, and names

can get printed, and they will be visible due to the white color.

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38g Tomato Sachet

Foil three side seal paste Packaging Pouches are designed with a Foil shaped surface

The bags are designed based on the species type to get packaged,

and you can opt for a barrier bag made of several laminated materials .

such as NY/PE and PET/AL/NY/LDPE. These food-grade materials feature

They are available in various volume such as 38g-1KG.

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Ice cream Spouted Bag

They are Side Guset Bag with inner diameter is 10mm spout cap

SuPack offer an extensive range of liquid/Ice cream/Freezer packaging solutions

including spout pouches, stand up spout pouches, printed labels and many more.

Our liquid pouches are leakage proof and extremely airtight after heat sealing.

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Choose More Nozzle Caps
Model No SP101 SP102 SP103 SP104 SP105 SP106 SP107 SP108 SP109
Capacity 250ml 500ml(1KG) 150g 175g 45ml 135ml 50g 35g 15g
Size H: 19 x W: 9 cm  H: 19.68 cm

W: 14 cm 

H: 18  cm

W: 10 cm 

H: 18  x W: 9 cm H: 11 x W: 6 cm H: 20 cm

W: 6.5 cm

H: 10.5 cm

W: 12 cm

H: 13.2 cm

W: 6.7 cm

H: 12 cm

W:4.5 cm

Spout Size 8.2mm double plates spouted cap 9.6mm short wring spouted cap 8.6mm double plates spout and cap 8.6mm single  plate spout and cap 8.2mm double plates spout and cap 8.2mm double plates 

spouted cap

8.6mm double plates spout and cap 8.2mm double plates spout and cap 8.2mm single plate spout and cap
Application suitable for filling machine manually suitable for automatic filling and sealing machine suitable for automatic filling machine suitable for automatic filling machine suitable for automatic filling machine suitable for filling and sealing machine manually suitable for automatic filling machine suitable for automatic filling machine suitable for filling machine manually

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