Matte Quad Seal Bags with Slider ziplock

The matte look which appears dull is used to attract customers.

Suitable for Animal dog cat food packaging with zipper;

Secondly, we manufacture matte pouches in black, blue, white, maroon,
and up to 10 plus colors. All our bags are made of laminated films,

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Slider Zipper Side Gusset Bag

These bags come with expandable sides that expand when filled to offer more space.

The bags provide exceptional durability, and they can self-stand on the shelves for long.

They are suitable for packaging oats, rice, cookies, herbs, seeds, and any product that needs airtight storage.

The slider and resealable zippers allow users to reclose their pouch bags after every use.

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Shaped Bag with zipper

Matte and Glossy treatment on the surface.

For premium products packagings,

Can be added with standard and

tap zipper, valve, laser scoring, handle
MOQ start from 10000pcs per design

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3 Side Seal Laser Pouch with ziplock 

This Laser pouch is heat sealed on the sides while the top side is left open for fill purposes.

It comes with a recloseable ziplock, meaning you can use this pouch for different packaging

products ranging from meat, seafood, candy, biscuit, pharmaceuticals, food supplement,clothes,

powdered coffee, and pet treats. Thanks to the ziplock, laminated film and sealing strength,

this pouch provide enhanced protection to your product from oxygen, moisture, odor, pest, and UV lights.

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3 Seal Side Sachet

Customized printed 3 side seal FOOD DRY NUTS pouches are sealed on three sides.

They offer a perfect solution for economical yet efficient packaging.

Also, they offer excellent protection from UV light, oxygen, and odor hence extending the product shelf life.

Of more important is the option they are custom printed which a factor that enhances your products shelf appeal.

At Supack we can custom print these pouch bags using the latest digital, flexo and rotogravure technologies.

Lastly, the cutting edge artwork and careful crafting give you a profession standard packaging pouches that will fit your needs.

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Aluminum 3 Side Seal Pouch

Aluminum MATT surface 3 side seal pouch bags are heat sealed zipper on both side and the top. 

They offer higher filling space than the four sides seal pouches. Additionally,

they boast of a strong sealing strength, high oxygen and, moisture barrier.

It has clear front side and design back side 

that will surely draw customer’s attention onto your products.

Apart from the shiny attention-grabbing look, they can also get custom printed

for marketing purposes. The aluminum film is laminated together with films

like MPET, Kraft paper, PET, PE, and LLDPE to ensure quality packaging.

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PS Drinking Cups 


Food Grade Quality ,NON-leakage;

 Colored cups will be welcomed

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