Ziplock Flat Bottom Bag

The brown flat bottom quad seal bag with ziplock is
workable for packaging tea and coffee
or any dry food product that need resealable zip closure.It has a zip lock at the top that allows easy access of the contents.The flat bottom allows the bags to stand well on shelves such that they can be seen.
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Dry Nuts Kraft Paper Flat Bottom Bag

Kraft Paper quad seal bags are used for a wide range of applications. 
You can use them to package dry food, chemical, farm inputs, 
cleaning detergents, and household products.However, since the top-side is fitted with reclosable zippers,
the bottom side offers a large opening for pouch filling
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Coffee Bean Quad Seal Bags with Tin tie

Flat bottom bags are mostly used for Coffee powder or

valve packaging due to their high barrier properties.

The Metalized finish also gives these bags a shiny finishing

that makes them stand out on any shelf.

These pouches have increased puncture/tear resistance and branding ability. 

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Cat Food Matte Quad Seal Bags with Slider ziplock

The matte look which appears dull is used to attract customers.

Suitable for Animal dog cat food packaging with zipper;

Secondly, we manufacture matte pouches in black, blue, white, maroon,
and up to 10 plus colors. All our bags are made of laminated films,

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Slider Zipper Side Gusset Bag

These bags come with expandable sides that expand when filled to offer more space.

The bags provide exceptional durability, and they can self-stand on the shelves for long.

They are suitable for packaging oats, rice, cookies, herbs, seeds, and any product that needs airtight storage.

The slider and resealable zippers allow users to reclose their pouch bags after every use.

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PET Dog Food Foil Quad Seal Bags

Matte and Glossy treatment on the surface.

For premium products packagings,

Can be added with standard and

tap zipper, valve, laser scoring, handle
MOQ start from 10000pcs per design

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Biodegradable Quad Seal Bag 

Customized quad seal bag with biodegradable material

(kraft paper laminated PLA film )
 that are highly presentable, excellent in barrier features, and self-standing.
They are designed with 9 colors, and the bag is ideal for packing tea or coffee.shelf life can be 1-2 years .
 The package will stand-out on your shelves, thanks to our quality branding and graphics printing.
if you want to learn more compostable material ,please check our Bio-plastic bag

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Customized Coffee Powder Side Gusset Bag

These bags with valve and come with expandable sides that expand when filled to offer more space.

They are ideal for packaging coffee oats, rice, cookies, herbs, seeds, and any product that needs airtight storage.

From the inside, other films such as aluminum foil are used for advanced barrier protection.

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Meet Quad Seal Bags

They have four gusset sides and a flat bottom that ensure strong self-standing ability.
are made of laminated films for freshness maintenance and bulk packaging.
You can package from 125 grams – 25 kilograms of either freezer meet, or retail products 
Additionally, the four panels offer ample space where massive visual imprints all for product promotional reasons.
Lastly, you can find them in up to 10 colors, in gloss/matte look, and with several add-ons.
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Food Grade Quality ,NON-leakage;

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