The author stumbled across a question on Quora that asked, “Is it suitable to engage in the beverage industry in 2020? “

The questioner said that he used to work as a chef at the restaurant, and that the COVID-19 caused many restaurants to close and he lost his job. He believes that he still likes to do food industry, want to open his own shop, but also heard that now what business is difficult to do. So he was confused, hard to choose, for fear of making the wrong choice.I believe this is not an individual case, but a lot of people’s confusion. Is there no other product you can make besides medical products?

The following questions were answered by many enthusiastic readers, some with personal experience and feelings, some with hearsay and others with puffery.Suddenly I feel that this is the workplace, there are all kinds of people and strange ideas.

This is a question I can’t answer. Even if I use a lot of examples, analysis and argument, there must be a lot of people do not understand.Because we have not the same experience, can not empathize with the each other.

01The beverage industry is no different with others 

Before we get into that, let’s look at two graphs about <The Top 100 fastest growing & Declining categories in E-commerce>. Then look at a few similar questions below:

  1. Is itsuitable to engage in the luggageindustry in 2020?
  2. Is itsuitable to engage in the travelindustry in 2020?

Luggage, as the stackline’s data, its sales fell 77% this year online,
It may take a long time to get a good return on your investment. Tourism, many countries now have the policy of home segregation, the number of tourists to reduce a lot. After the outbreak, it will take some time for the economy to recover and especially the tourism industry.

What about the tech industry? What about the clothing industry? It’s all pretty much the same. But on the whole, are these kinds of investments that any layperson can make a lot of money on?

You know , the answer is NO.

So after the above questions, look again at the question “Is it suitable to engage in the beverage industry in 2020? ” . And you will find:The beverage industry is no different with others


Pay less and get more?

The reason why the questioner wants to ask whether is it suitable or not. On the surface, he wants your opinion and perhaps his subtext is: “I just want to get into a good industry, pay less and get more. ” If you tell him: This is a good business. Not many people do it and the pay’s through the roof. You Got Ta get here. He might decide:okay, I’ll do this.

If a person said: Oh, there’s a lot of money to be made in anti-epidemic products,such as someone who made $5 million in face masks and someone who made $20 million in silicone gloves. He might immediately change his business to do this.He didn’t really think about his ideas, didn’t measure his ability and knowledge structure, just wanted get the answer whether this industry good or not which was ridiculous.

If you use speculation psychology to choose your business, you have to prepare for failure. Business is not a bet , win or lose. But let yourself in a certain industry like a duck to water after a long period of polishing and accumulation. It must not have Crowd psychology.In most industries, profit margins are short-lived. Don’t chase hot spots all the time. It’s like chasing the daily limit for short-term trading. When you buy, the stock has already started to fall.If you use this line of thinking to choose a industry, it can only say that you are too hasty in your own life.If I had to answer the question, my answer would be:

“Yes and NO. “. For a friend who likes, not for a friend who follows.

So is it really that easy to give less and get more?



Optimizing product feature is overwhelming

Instead of asking such silly questions, pick an industry you’re interested in and familiar with.

Influenced by COVID-19, many people are isolated at home and web shopping have become the main way of shopping. With this time to keep changing industries, think about how to optimize your product and get more people to pay attention to it.

“the single biggest driver of sales increases in the world is packaging”, said Muhtar Kent, former CEO of coca-cola. Although packaging plays a large role in consumer decision making, it is a challenge to stand out on the shelf and attract consumers’ attention in an era when a product has multiple choices.

As we all know, the key feature of beverage packaging is to protect the product, propagandistic, convenient to carry and so on. And the environment tells us that the packaging needs another most important function, is environmental protection.

In the case of beverages, the product needs to be protected from leakage or contamination during storage and handling. Many products require protection from oxygen entry, sunlight, carbonated gas run-off, and misaligned packaging components.These are the beverage packaging properties necessary. It is very difficult for flexible packaging to have all these functions and be environmentally friendly at the same time. The promotion of degradable packaging bag is irresistible. Our company has been researching this topic for more than 5 years, and we are making progress from the solid biodegradable packaging bag to the compostable liquid beverage bag.

Liquid drinks are often packaged in bottles, or plastic laminated spout pouches which made of PET / NY / PE or PET / VMPET / PE composites. If converted to biodegradable packaging, the material can be replaced with PLA / Paper or PLA / MPLA / PLA.

For solid drinks such as coffee grinds, the composite material used in the bags is PET / AL / NY / PE and the plastic coffee valve is also required. Can you change it to biodegradable? Yes, of course. The corresponding material is the PLA/PLA and PLA coffee valve.

In addition, according to the Leave No Trace or the LNT principle, to discard any biodegradable food packaging is still damaging to the natural environment. Both the Energy Gel residues and the glycerine, gelatin and starch packaging should be handled in appropriate containers. If no containers are available, they should be packaged first and buried as a last resort. This can make the environmental protection function of this packing get final realization.

That biodegradable packaging can contain high acidity or alkalinity of the liquid, of course the answer is yes. Contact us, we can give you more professional response to your products.