As we all know, there is a lot to learn in a industry, and it’s not as simple as it looks from the outside. So make a program, implement it, experience failure, after this time and again after refining and transformation, then qualified to compete with the master in this field.

In this among them, time or money are the costs of consumption which is what we call ‘tuition fee’. It’s like fitness, where the tuition is not just the money you pay for the gym or the coach, but the time and effort you put into it. For example, the time it takes to stop chatting, shopping, playing games and watching movies in order to keep fit, these opportunity costs and actual costs add up to its tuition fees.

So, other than trial and error, is there a shortcut?

In fact, there are some, that is, as far as possible with a relatively small tuition fee , in exchange for other people’s experience and resources.

That’s one of the things we’ve learned in sales over the years: Most of the time, you don’t have to start at zero, you can start at 0.3, you can start at 0.5, and that’s how the game works. So how do we get started?

01   Investigation

Since COVID-19 began wreaking havoc in Europe and the Americas, the word ‘hand sanitizer ’ has more than quintupled in Google searches, more than ‘mask’ . Sales of hand sanitizer in the UK rose 255% in February from a year earlier, according to market research firm Kantar. Sales of hand sanitizer in the US rose 73% in the four weeks to February 22th from a year earlier, according to Nielsen.

By the end of February, the original £3.49 hand sanitizer had been sold on Amazon for £109.99, a 31 fold increase. Someone in Italy made a humorous short film ‘ The Italian mafia turned to hand sanitizer’ to insinuate Italy sanitizer shortage phenomenon.

For weeks , most of the available supply has gone to medical facilities fighting covide-19 on the front lines. For example, LVMH has announced in February that its production lines of Christian Dior, Givenchy and Guerlain perfumes and cosmetics will be converted to materials such as alcohol and hand sanitizers, with production estimated at 12 tons in the first week. Although some of them are imported from China,like bottles, sprays lid.Even now, in mid-May, hand sanitizer is still very hot. And it’s not just hand sanitizer. Google searches for “hand sanitizer bottles” have increased more than 30-fold.

We all know that protecting ourselves is the best reward we can give to those who work day and night on the front lines. The increase in demand has led many companies and individuals to join in the production of hand sanitizer.But what’s the value if you’re just a copy when everyone else is doing and doing more professionally and investing more?

So what do we have to do to stand out? It’s a big area, and you can think about it. For example, the packaging of products more convenient to carry, after-sales service more thoughtful.

02  Contacting 

Now that the preliminary investigation work has been prepared, it is an important part of the contact. The connection here is not only to the customer, but also to the more competent people. No one else’s success is not just the result of chance and luck. Our Canadian client, let us call him Jason. His main business is the production of hand sanitizer. As the outbreak grew, he did nothing more than discuss with us about how to improve their packaging, in addition to increasing the output of their factory. Because with the increase in hand sanitizer demand, the bottles with the pump, spray lid demand is also increasing a lot. Price aside, in China, the delivery time for pump and spray lid now is around 30 days. That’s the whole Bullwhip Effect in economics. Even a small change in customer demand can severely damage a supply chain. Eventually, Jason decided to use the bag for the hand sanitizer package, and gave away small, flip-top hand sanitizer bags when customers bought hand sanitizer. His Clients can buy 1 -5L bags of hand sanitizer and carry it in small bags. At the same time, it can reduce the use of the plastic bottle to reduce the pollution. The material of the bag is firm, easy to carry, inexpensive, and fast delivery. A week later, many suppliers were still struggling with the delivery date for bottles and lids. Jason’s product was on the shelves, and it sold like hotcakes.

So, in the true sense of contacting, you need to constantly consult competent people: Your competitors, your customers, people who are doing particularly well in your suppliers. A good competitor will help you reach your potential, and a good customer will help you to improve on your weaknesses faster. A good supplier can give you a better direction.

Their experience and success stories are your shortcuts and assets. After all, they’ve tested you and paid for it. If you can start at 0.5, don’t start at 0. That’s what we need to do. Of course, the lesson here is not to copy the products and packaging of others 100% , because no one’s success is completely replicable. For different products, you can quickly learn and trial and error, with less time to perfect them. All of them require different designs and marketing programs. The COVID-19 will soon be over, and what products will be hot after the frenzy of buying toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and latex gloves? Is it a Chinese dish you would like to try during your isolation at home, or a cup of coffee in a quiet cafe, or a glass of wine in a nightclub? Let’s see what happens.

Because of the epidemic, many people are forced to stay at home. Wild Boars descend from the mountains to Barcelona; spotted deer make their way to the deserted subway station in Nara, Japan. A video of a stag running panic in downtown Dehradun, the capital of the Uttarakhand state, and a herd of Wild Turkeys on a street in Oakland, California, has been widely circulated on Indian social media A Leopard has been found in a residential area of the Chilean capital Santiago, which has been under martial law. See such news, perhaps you will also sigh a sentence: This is the best rest period of nature. We’re still not sure where the COVID-19 virus came from, but is this a warning from nature? For SUPACK, being green was never just a slogan, and we have gone further in our research and production of Biodegradable plastic based on 20 years of plastic packaging production. Start Green by eliminating one plastic bottle.

What is success? It’s not the amount of money, it’s not the number of orders, it’s not the number of years of work and not the background of your company, it come from affirmation of others and satisfaction of yourselves. Getting the approval of our clients is our biggest success. I have faith in our product and in your ability.