Global demand for plastic bags is still growing at an annual rate of 6.2 percent, reaching a total of $37.3 billion in 2018, according to the Cleveland Industry Market Research Corporation.

01 packaging design is important

Rudh(2007) said in a standard supermarket, the typical shopper passes about 300per. This translates into less than one-tenth of a second for a single product to get. So product packaging plays an extremely important role in consumer decision making. 

In May last year, the world’s largest packaging design Awards –Dieline Awards — announced their winners for 2019.Among those using plastic bags were Confectionery, Savory Snacks, Caffeine, Health Care, Home, and other industries. Let’s take a look at these product images.

Real Handful

Sea Man Seaweed Chips

Skuta: The Ultimate Pumpkin Seeds

SIMPLo – One Sip Is All it Takes


Carsodo Cured Meat

Eva Estudi

The foundation of a brand’s continuous growth and development is not only the continuous updating of the products, but also the creativity and vitality which are shown on the packaging. Therefore the product packaging receives the merchant attention. And These brightly colored, vibrant design products grab the public’s attention as soon as they hit the shelves.

02  The choice of packaging material is critical

From above pictures we can also see that one of the major functions of packaging is to play a media role in the goods. That is, through the content of the packaging display to introduce goods to consumers, attract consumers to come over, so as to expand sales occupy the market. The other function of packaging is natural function, that is to protect the goods.

These two functions complement each other. The natural function protects the commodity in good condition and provides the possibility for the realization of the social function. So for a commodity, the natural function of packaging is as important as the social function.

Packaging bags are still widely used in a variety of industries,, these products have a variety of texture and shape, solid, liquid, powder or paste, and so on. Once these goods become a commodity, they have to go through many times handling, storage, loading, and so on many processes, finally can flow into the hands of consumers. In the above circulation process, must experience the impact, the extrusion, the damp, the corrosion and so on different degree damage. How to keep the goods in good condition and reduce all kinds of losses to the lowest point is the first problem to be considered before the production and manufacture of packaging products, and it is also the theoretical basis for material selection and even structural design. So how should the packing material be chosen? Below, the author will share with you the use of seven commonly used packaging materials.

First.  Genaral food and commodity packaging bag

The general material used is BOPP / CPP , BOPP / LDPE. Of all the laminated film, it has the highest transparency. And because of its good moisture resistance, it is mainly used for packaging some dry food and fast food, such as biscuits, instant noodles and so on. Its disadvantages are high temperature and poor cold resistance, so it not suitable for packaging cold storage and high temperature sterilization food.

Second. Dry, puffed food packaging

Material Selection: BOPP / VMCPP or PET / CPP. It is a kind of composite film with “Aluminum Luster” and good barrier, which has been widely used in the outer packaging of food, health care products, medicine and cosmetics, especially in dry and puffed food. It has been widely used because of its excellent metallic luster, convenience, low price and good barrier property.

Third.  Aluminized composite film bag

Use BOPP / VMPET / PE, PET / VMPET / PE. It has good barrier performance, good strength and sealing and high resistance to drug corrosion, can extend the shelf life of goods. Many are used in powder, tablets, capsules, granules and other drug packaging.

Fourth.  Aluminum foil bag

PET/ AL / LDPE, BOPP / AL / LDPE. It is opaque, silvery white, and reflective. It has good barrier property, heat sealing property, anti-rotation property, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, fragrance protection, non-toxic and tasteless, soft and so on. Suitable for electronic products, precision machinery parts. Meat products ,such as vacuum packaging bags.

Fifth.  The packaging that makes the fragrance last

BOPP / VMPET, PET / CMPET / LDPE, its surface will generally reflect light, that is, does not absorb light. Has a strong isolation, so that the product fragrance lasting. It is suitable for dried fruit, scented tea and other fragrant products.

Sixth.  Refrigerated food and liquid packaging

PA / LDPE, PET / PA / LDPE, PET / PET / LDPE, PET / PA / LDPE, PA film has good toughness and barrier property, and does not soften with the increase of temperature, once the temperature is reached, there is a flow. So it is often used for liquid packaging, increase bag toughness, prevent liquid leakage, also suitable for product refrigeration, so that packaging is not easy to deformation.

Seventh.  High-temperature retort pouch

PA / CPP, PET / PA / CPP, PET / PA / AL / CPP, PA also applies to retort  bags. Also, high temperature retort pouch require that the CPP used is an improved heat resistant CPP film. The highest temperature of the product can reach 121 °C.

Above are the seven most commonly used packaging materials, plastic materials and thickness of different, made of the bag function is different. So don’t waste any more money on the wrong bag.

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